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Fire Damage

The tragedy of a fire damage is all consuming . We offer emergency services including : emergency board up of your property, emergency pack-out, next day cleaning of clothing for your entire family, computerized inventory of all personal contents, restoration of contents, smoke odor removal, as well as full service fire damage restoration services. Our services are offered as direct billing to your insurance carrier. We are prompt, professional, and guarantee your satisafaction.

Water Damage

Quite often the difference between restoring materials in your home and having to replace them comes down the response time of the water damage restoration company. Our 24 hour emergency response team is standing by to assist you with burst water heaters, failed plumbing lines, failed plumbing fixtures, sprinkler systems, storm related water loss, and sewage back ups. Our IICRC certified response team has the knowledge and experience to mitigate the most challenging circumstances.

Mold Damage

Classified as the "asbestos of our age" mold has become a severe concern among home owners and medical professionals. Asthma has risen by 300% in the last 20 years.  Mold remediation is the process in which we remove the mold from the structure. There are many areas within the home that have the potential for mold development.  Our company carries certifications in mold inspection, mold remediation, and as a general contractor we have the skill set to fix the problem.

Crime Scene Cleanup

When tragedy strikes families find themselves in need of crime scene cleanup or trauma scene cleanup. We are here to assist you in your time or need. Let our certified technicians help return your property to a safe environment. Our specialized training is specific to handling the cumbersome aftermath involved in a loss. Additionally, we are a full service restoration contractor. Call today and experience the convenience of one call restoration.


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Water Fire Mold Crime Scene

"Quality is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. Quality represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

       "When Quality Counts............... AAAction Speaks Louder

Portland Oregon: Water, Mold, Fire, Smoke and Odor Damage Restoration

At ARS we fully guarantee your complete satisfaction by offering the most professional, thorough, quick, and hassle-free damage restoration services in Vancouver, Washington. We represent your needs to the insurance company, ensuring that your home is restored to its original condition or better. We're proud to offer full-service construction & reconstruction services built back to pre-loss condition. We'll handle it all, including tear-out and demolition, fire damage restoration,water damage restoration, mold remediation ( mold removal), . Services that are covered in our restorative process include flooring, framing, drywall, siding, roofing, painting and more.                   

Portland Oregon: Water Damage Restoration Services

No matter what level or type of damage your home has suffered, you can rely on ARS to accurately and thoroughly assess the extent and precise location of any and all problems. With our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies -- including infrared camera sensing and imaging -- we're able to determine the exact nature & cause of the destruction right from the start. There's never any guesswork, and our highly trained, expert staff can then provide comprehensive consultation for the best possible and most effective course of corrective action, working in conjunction with your insurance company to ensure you are covered for everything you are entitled to. Our certified IICRC Water Damage Restoration technicians will assess the best structural drying solutions including : water extraction,water removal, dehumidification, specialized injection drying in walls, injection drying under cabinets and anywhere that water maybe be hiding.

Portland Oregon: Fire Damage Restoration Services

Most home catastrophes leave behind more than just damaged materials and frazzled nerves. When smoke, fire, water, sewage, or other unwelcome elements invade your living space, there are unpleasant odors that tag along for the ride. Immediate action is required, otherwise odors will definitely worsen. If not treated thoroughly and properly, odors will definitely worsen. Over time furniture, carpeting, curtains, clothing, and woodwork will become unsalvageable. ARS' odor-removal techniques have been proven effective, long-lasting and safe. We are standing by 24 hours a day to assist you in your time of need. We offer full service fire damage restoration services including : emergency property board-ups, content packing, computerized inventory, off site storage, fire restoration for personal belongings, demolition, decontamination, and complete reconstruction services.

Portland Oregon: 24-Hour Water Damage Restoration Services

At AAAction Restoration Services, we know that the worst part of water damage is the part you can't see. If you don't address the issue immediately, you can be in for a whole host of additional problems. Our water damage restoration service team handles your entire project from initial assessment through completed restoration. Our expert technicians are often times able to restore even heavily damaged items that are seemingly beyond repair. We're so confident of every facet of this service, all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Fast action on your part eliminates excessive damage.

Portland Oregon: Mold Removal Services

Mold exposure has been related to a staggering 300% increase in asthma in the United States. From the moment mold begins to grow, it becomes not only a health hazard for your family, but is also an indication that you've got a potentially devastating underlying moisture problem. To eliminate what's already present, and to prevent further spread and damage, you've got to act fast. Our certified mold remediation technicians are prepared with the knowledge to assist in restoring your property back to an pre-loss condition. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on our mold removal services. After we have diagnosed the problems and made the repairs to your property that allowed the mold infestation to grow, we will set up the proper protocol to remediate the mold in your home or business. When you select our company for mold remediation, take peace that you are receiving the best services with the best guarantee. ARS offers a 5 year written warranty on our remediation services. ARS's certified mold removal and treatment technicians will quickly and effectively terminate every trace of mold infestation -- testing the air, pinpointing the location & extent of your problem, and treating & completely removing the fungi at its very root. Then if necessary, they'll repair and replace any damaged materials to like new condition!

Portland Oregon: Mold Inspection & Mold Testing Services

ARS certified mold inspectors will quickly and effectively track down the areas that are affected with mold -- testing the air, pinpointing the location & extent of your problem, and treating & completely removing the fungi at its very root. Then if necessary, they'll repair and replace any damaged materials to like new condition! Our mold inspection services include : air sampling, direct sampling, lift tests, visual inspection, written reports, and clearance testing. We are the solution to your problem ! Do not accept anything less than the best.

Portland Oregon: Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair Services

Unlike most other carpet cleaners, our carpet cleaning and renewal system is a comprehensive process combining state-of-the-art hot water extraction techniques and Eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We offer basic cleaning and restoration as well as extreme rejuvenation of even the most damaged, dirty, stained, frayed, pet-damaged and malodorous carpets.

At ARS we utilize an entire arsenal of cleaning systems ranging from low moisture methods, encapsulation, to truck-mount powered hot water extraction, also known as "steam cleaning". Additionally, ARS maintains use of the revolutionary RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor System -- powered by a titanic truck-mounted engine that delivers an amazing 650 cleaning passes per minute. Its special rotating power head combined with the weight of the unit delivers unsurpassed quality in the cleaning industry.

Portland Oregon: Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Restorative cleanup of life's tragedies is sometimes more than one individual can handle. We are a compassionate company, ready to assist you in these times of trial and tribulation. We are available 24 hours per day for the following services : suicide cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, crime scene cleanup, accident cleanup, and unattended death scene cleanup. We are committed to discreetly assisting you and your loved ones. We offer prompt, professional, and compassionate services.

Additionally, we offer other non-emergency services in: trashed houses, hoarding, dead animal cleanup, and gross filth cleanup. Contact us quickly using our contact form to the left of the page or call us directly for faster response.


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Restoration Services

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